Description of the painting Maurits Escher Day and Night

Description of the painting Maurits Escher Day and Night

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M. Escher is an outstanding schedule. His works are individual and filled with scientific meaning.

The artist using painting depicted various scientific theories, sometimes of dubious nature. He took apart the universe into parts and drew his associations. His work is often compared to the work of Dali.

It’s not always easy to understand such paintings, it’s sometimes difficult to grasp the main idea of ​​a work, but each one can find something personal in such works and these canvases can be considered endlessly.

The painting "Day and Night" is one of the most famous works of the artist. The image is made in such a way that it seems voluminous. There is movement, apparently the artist was able to display the movement of the universe. This work reflects the flow of one into another, such a reincarnation. For his time, the artist revolutionized art.

Modern technology allows you to display the idea in different degrees of freedom, but this technique still impresses with its originality. The combination of black and white reflects two opposites. One flock of birds flows into another, geometric shapes do not allow to define clear boundaries of the image. This work is a kind of visual hype.

Black is surprisingly converted to white and vice versa. It’s like life’s actions and thoughts. They change, the meaning of the event may change significantly over time. This artistic masterpiece is a graphic representation of the theory of relativity of Einstein in its purest form.

Bad deeds are noticeable only against the background of good ones, and good ones can be evaluated directly against the background of bad ones. These two substances cannot exist separately, they make up a harmony, sometimes incomprehensible, but moving events called life. Despite the gloomy tones of the work, the picture exudes optimism and hope for the best.

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Watch the video: . Escher, Hand with Reflecting Sphere, 1935. The Amazing World of. Escher (June 2022).


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