Description of Bill Stoneham “Hands resist him”

Description of Bill Stoneham “Hands resist him”

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The work "Hands Resist Him" ​​gained notoriety and has a terrible reputation.

Several of its owners have died, and many people claim that this canvas is a source of evil. In fact, the artist painted himself with his sister, displaying the plot of an old photograph, where they pose against the background of their home.

The boy is depicted realistically, and the girl in the image of a soulless doll. Although the proportions of the parts of the boy’s body are very strange, his ominous look inspires fear. Children's palms on glass symbolize the boy’s non-existent illusory world, and the doll is his guide to this unusual world.

One gets the feeling that many children cannot leave the room, which is already frightening in itself. Perhaps these children are holding the door and do not want to communicate with the main character of the work. The boy looks ominously and lonely, maybe the artist felt that way when writing this picture.

Infused with child cruelty, absolutely incompatible emotions with naive childish images. The result of the incarnation of evil in children is always striking, namely, this composition exudes evil.

In the world of dreams, there are many opportunities that the artist shows in the form of children's hands. You can catch them with a look, you just have to look back. The work is written in the style of surrealism, very reminiscent of the work of mentally ill people.

Art critics carefully evaluate this work, but note its originality and unusual plot. The picture gained popularity because it counts with ghosts. Some owners of this canvas claim that the characters in the picture move and change places.

Stoneham has always been original in his work, but in this case he was simply struck by a combination of elements. You can look at this picture endlessly, revealing a deep philosophical meaning, but the master himself claimed that he was just sketching an old photograph. There is work in a private collection.

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