Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Without a host”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Without a host”

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Looking at the next work of the Russian artist Makovsky, a kind smile appears on his face. “Without a host” is the name of this picture, which briefly and in the best way conveys the content.

Painter painted in 1911. It belongs in its style to genre painting. V.E. Makovsky again proved himself as a master of describing various characters and as a person with a wonderful sense of humor.

We see one human figure in the image. This kid, maybe even a child. He looked no more than thirteen. The boy is clearly trying to imitate the owner of the room.

Taking advantage of the absence of people in the house, he abandons his tired work and indulges in idleness. Relaxing in a chair, the boy smokes a large cigar taken from the master's table. His gaze is noticeably detached, he wanders in unknown dreams.

What is the boy dreaming of? Seeing that at such a young age he has to work not at the best job, we can draw a conclusion about the poor condition of the child's family.

Forced from childhood to work out for life, he still remains a mischievous little boy, far from adult seriousness and responsibility. The imitation of the owner is a manifestation of a children's game, fun. Who knows, maybe in the future he really will have such a house and his own servant.

Makovsky wonderfully described the interior. The colorful carpet on the floor echoes a colorful tablecloth. On it is a lamp in a lampshade, an ashtray. Dark solid furniture flaunts against a background of emerald-colored wallpapers.

The picture in a wide golden frame speaks of the viability of its owners. There is a vase on the piano, and in it are huge multi-colored feathers of marvelous exotic birds. Inappropriately and comically, with all the splendor of the interior, the teenager throws a dustpan and a dusty rag clamped in his left hand.

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