Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin "Boy with a Goldfinch"

Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin

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Vasily Tropinin was one of the most outstanding portrait painters of the 19th century. He was trusted to paint portraits of actresses, officials and the most notable representatives of the nobility, but still, most of all, the artist liked to work with children. He masterfully conveyed their clean, touching and immaculate inner world.

One of his outstanding creations is the painting "The Boy with the Carduelis." It depicts a little boy, about seven years old, holding a fragile bird in his hand.

His golden hair is curled into small curls. Dim lighting and softly laying shadows emphasize the naive features of a child's face. The bright eyes of the boy are not facing the viewer. He is looking into the distance, perhaps listening to someone.

The expression on his face is a little surprised. This can be understood by raised eyebrows and slightly open mouth. A fresh peach blush is playing on the boy's chubby cheeks. And in the corners of the lips you can see a slight smile.

The child is wearing a smart white shirt with wide sleeves and a large open collar. A thick walnut-colored suede vest is thrown over it.

The boy's hands are depicted in a beautiful bend. A goldfinch is sitting in one of them - a small brown bird with a red pattern on its head. In the left corner of the canvas is its wooden cage with an open door. Apparently, the hero wanted to have fun with his favorite and got him out of prison. The boy is afraid of harming the feathered friend, and therefore holds him tight, but very carefully.

Tropinin skillfully portrayed the bright image of this child. With great accuracy, he conveyed his emotional state, sincere look, laid-back posture.

The artist felt happy working on his paintings, which is probably why he put so much love and diligence into them that find warm responses in the hearts of the audience to this day.

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