Description of the painting by Maria Vishnyak “Bouquet of September”

Description of the painting by Maria Vishnyak “Bouquet of September”

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M.V. Vishnyak - Russian artist, representative of the classic Russian style of painting. It reflects the beauty of the native land, its gifts and wealth. The work “Bouquet of September” displays beautiful gifts of autumn.

The painting shows a floral arrangement placed in an azure vase. Despite the riot of shades, autumn flowers are harmoniously combined with each other and form a true natural masterpiece.

It is appropriate to contemplate such a miracle just in the fall, before the onset of a long winter, which will cover the whole earth with snow. The modesty of the composition is striking.

Against a light background, the bouquet plays even brighter, a vase stands on a table covered with a tablecloth, there are no bright objects that could capture attention.

The artist shows the beauty of wildflowers, a true natural gift. M.V. Vishnyak reveals pure natural beauty, which is difficult to underestimate and compare with greenhouse compositions grown to order. In this case, the role of the florist is played by nature itself, its fantasy is endless.

The painter plays in contrast, the voluminous floral arrangement wins against the background of a small bouquet in a brown inconspicuous pot. Although this small armful of flowers has its own charm and beauty, special.

Pink bindweeds neatly, unobtrusively, but still attract attention and captivate the contemplator. This small bouquet creates a special atmosphere and shows that charm can also be called modestly, lurking under a pronounced advantage.

Nature makes invaluable gifts that people are not always able to appreciate. But these beautiful flowers are scattered across the field and alone do not constitute such a fantastic composition, but if you combine them, it becomes simply impossible to pass by such beauty.

Efforts must be made to create this natural masterpiece. How often people do not want to do work in order to make their life better.

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