Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin "Still Life"

Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin

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Paul Gauguin comes from Paris, but he grew up in Peru, this exotic country gave him emotions and love for the tropics. He was known as a very successful stock exchange trader. Painting was not his profession, it was his hobby. But when the next economic crisis occurred, which led him to mastering a new profession.

The end of the 19th century was a period of many still lifes, each of which is unique. He completely departed from classics and rules. You can see the lack of full thoughtfulness, a random plot is immediately transferred to the canvas. Full attention is paid to objects, the play of light and shades.

In the foreground is a bright jug, and in front of it is a plate full of various fruits. The table is covered with a milk-colored tablecloth, to the tone of which there is a plate, as if merging with a jug.

On the table separately from all the fruits are exotic fruits, which differ in color from appetizingly written pears. The picture is depicted with a pronounced combination of color contrast. The yellow pears lying in the plate stand out clearly against the cold background of the table.

The artist very subtly emphasizes volumes, shadows, highlights, reflections. All these little things are very well worked out by the author. It seems that simple objects are represented in the extraordinary prostate and, together with it, in beauty. Fruits are depicted, taking their significant place in the picture, they are quite weighty and highlighted in color. They are a bright spot in this work.

Gauguin speaks of a sincere attitude to work, he does not call for copying nature, but for painting, as an expression of thought. He describes a still life deeper than just the fruits on the table. At the same time, the artist in the picture shows his art, the ability to create.

To create as a brilliant teacher who puts imagination at the forefront. Describing still lifes, he invested in his dream painting, shifted to the play of color, to the perception of the world as a holistic picture.

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