Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio "Pieta"

Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio

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Pieta - Mourning of Christ. This artist’s creation is the deepest in feeling and thought. This work remained unfinished. Completed her doctrine of Titian Palm the Younger.

We see a niche roughly built of stones. It is framed by two statues. Titian portrays people who are all seized by a single mournful impulse. Mary’s lap rests the body of the dead Christ. Mary froze in complete despair, like a statue. The artist does not portray Christ as a martyr and a completely exhausted ascetic.

Before us is a hero who fell in a truly unequal battle. The old man looks sadly at Jesus. Magdalene raised her hand in a gesture of swift despair. It is, like, a powerful mournful cry in the absolute silence of the world. Her red hair flutters. They become a kind of flash, which contrasts with the twilight background of this canvas. The statue of Moses carved in stone is truly impressive. Facial expression is mournful and at the same time angry. This statue is bizarrely illuminated by the grayish-blue flicker of an almost completely dying day.

Titian was able to convey the maximum power of grief and the magnificence of sorrow. It is no coincidence that this creation was the last. The artist wrote a requiem, which he devoted to those images of the heroes he loved so much. The Renaissance is a thing of the past, and Titian regrets it.

All the colors of this canvas are gloomy. Shades of brown prevail. Titian skillfully uses tones and midtones. Despite a certain monochrome picture, it is impressive. The artist creates living poses of heroes, in which you can also read despair and immense grief. Titian prescribes every fold of clothing and the curves of the figures. Statues are tangible. We feel that they are voluminous and practically alive. Titian created a truly grandiose picture that summed up his work.

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