Description of the painting by Frida Kahlo "Two Frida"

Description of the painting by Frida Kahlo

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The painting "Two Frida" was painted in 1939. The canvas and oil served as materials for writing the work, the dimensions of the canvas are 173 by 173 centimeters. Currently, the picture is stored in Mexico City, in the Museum of Modern Art.

The difficult fate of Frida Kahlo, the author of the picture, left an imprint on her art. Reality appears to us on her canvases as painful, refracted, surreal. Frida creates her own reality, fleeing into it from real life and emotions, hiding from adversity and numerous diseases. Probably, to some extent, painting was for Frida Kahlo a healing tool to help splash out what was accumulating in her soul. To some extent, Frida, from her own canvases, was herself an imaginary friend.

Let’s take a look at the picture Two Frida. On it, two women in holiday dresses are sitting holding hands. Both women have the same face. Their chest cells shine through, revealing the viewer bright red hearts with incised arteries. In the hands of one of the women scissors, and her snow-white dress is sprinkled with blood. In the background, thick clouds blacken.

A gloomy picture, but the reason for writing it was not the most pleasant: Frida painted it under the impression of a break with her husband. Diego River was also a Mexican artist, and their relationship was stormy and vibrant, and it was very difficult for a woman to survive separation. Kahlo said that Diego was in love with one Frida, and she became different, and depicts both Fried in this picture. One of them is Mexican, the other is European, which can be judged by their dresses.

The painting "Two Frida" is filled with pain, but at the same time, it has great artistic value. Memorable images, power of influence, symbolism - all this makes it a real work of art.

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