Description of the painting by Evgraf Sorokin "The poor girl is Spanish"

Description of the painting by Evgraf Sorokin

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Evgraf Semenovich Sorokin in his picture portrayed a girl of about ten years old. He put soft warm tones into his painting. Behind you can see the architecture of the rich Spanish region, made of white stone.

It can be seen that quite rich and respectable people live in this area. This is a neighborhood of wealthy citizens of Spain, the artist depicted it in calm light colors, thereby emphasizing the calm life of citizens living here. The luxury underlined by white stone buildings suggests that they do not need anything.

In the foreground, another world opens. A poor girl is presented, dressed in a neat white blouse and a red skirt. This girl is pretty well groomed. She is dressed in old but clean clothes. Her face is not dirty, her hands. Her clothes are too big, it is clear that someone gave her to her. The skirt is also great for her, she is old, but clean.

A tightly tied belt supports a skirt at the waist so that it does not fly off. She wears what others will give her. If you pay attention to the legs, you can see that on them are completely worn off the shoes from which the fingers stick out. It is unclear how she even manages to wear them, it is very inconvenient to walk in them, especially since in order to collect alms it is necessary to travel a long distance.

If you look at the girl’s eyes, you can see genuine pain and anguish in these big brown eyes. She courageously endures all the hardships that fell on her thin shoulders. She has an adult look, understanding the importance of her work, she is well aware that if she does not bring money, then she will have nothing to eat today. Her eyes hold a lot of pain.

Out of the door, a graceful hand gives her alms. Thin white gloves of a wealthy person are put on a hand. The girl throws a gloomy grateful look at the benefactress. She is very sorry for this child; she still has to go around many houses ahead in order to find at least some food.

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