Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Summer Garden in Autumn”

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Summer Garden in Autumn”

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Before us is a magnificent canvas by Brodsky. This picture is really gorgeous. We see the play of the sun, but at the same time it is absent. The foreground is completely empty. This is just an empty alley. It seems that the artist wants us to first fully enjoy the splendor of autumn, the play of shadows and lights.

Indeed, there is something to see. Enormous trees rise on both sides of the alley. There are practically no leaves. Only in some places you can see the remains of a once lush outfit made of unusual lace. This is enough for those trees that are depicted in the distance. Perceived by us dressed in luxurious gilding. Such splendor of autumn can be seen everywhere.

All the land near the trees and the alley are strewn with a carpet of leaves. The gentle sun illuminates everything. The picture is simply overwhelmed by him. In the sky you can see clouds and small clouds. The gazebo that we see on the left is all flooded with the sun. Walking people and benches are also brightly lit by the rays of the autumn sun.

Brodsky depicts one of the magnificent fall days of the fall. We do not feel sadness from the realization that very soon the cold will come. The artist depicts a grand triumph of nature. She is not afraid of wilting, because after winter, spring will come again, and everything will awaken to a new life. We see that everything really enjoys the sun's rays and warmth. You need to have time to enjoy the last clear days of golden autumn. A little more, and all nature will fall asleep, plunged into a fabulous nap. We see that people, too, are in a hurry to enjoy the leaving heat as soon as possible.

It is no coincidence that there are a large number of people walking in the alley. We see moms walking around with strollers; old people who are located on benches; children who enjoy the game. Everything around is impressive with calm and beauty.

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