Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir "Sitting Bather"

Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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Renoir loved life. He was impressed by the radiance of gorgeous skin. He was truly fascinated by the immediate and very charming children's faces, which he captured on his canvases.

We see that this is far from a classic beauty. Renoir preferred splendor of forms. He liked a strong torso and strong arms. Before us are ordinary girls from the village, as well as nannies and maids.

The picture of Renoir depicts a red-haired bather. She is sitting on a stone and thinking about something. Her body is capable of surprising the tenderness of the skin. This is real beauty. Just such young charms and liked the artist. He lovingly prescribes every bend of her body, every fold of her magnificent forms. The lower part of her body is covered with a white sheet. Renoir prescribes all the folds of the material. Every detail in the picture is tangible.

The canvas impresses with a wealth of colors that are incredibly light. Renoir prefers to write with light strokes, laying them on top of each other. This allows you to create the tone that is needed in the picture.

The artist was in love with nudes. We can really feel it if we look at his paintings dedicated to bathers. It is no coincidence that Renoir created a series of such masterpieces. The artist uses two colors to represent the female body - peach and pink.

The bather, sitting on a stone, liked the painter for his spontaneity. Her expression is lively. Renoir never sought an in-depth psychological understanding of his heroines. It was not important to him. And the models themselves did not have this at all.

A woman conquers the audience completely different. She is charming, graceful, a little naive. From her face it seems to blow freshness. Long red hair makes her even more charming.

Renoir is a true master who painted a magnificent female body.

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