Description of the painting by Alexander Bubnov “Morning on the Kulikovo field”

Description of the painting by Alexander Bubnov “Morning on the Kulikovo field”

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Before us is one of the most impressive creations. The painter decided to address the theme of the struggle of the people with the Tatar-Mughals. First, he made sketches that are able to tell us about the difficult quest that the painter went through. He could not understand how to best express the idea that the Russian people cannot be defeated.

We do not see a wide panorama of the whole battle. Bubnov only captured the moment when the soldiers were waiting for its beginning. Everyone is overwhelmed with impatience. Everyone believes in an indispensable victory.

We see Russian soldiers standing in a wide field. They seem to be completely motionless. But this is actually not true. The movement is gradually growing. It is incredibly tangible and at the same time restrained.

We see one raise the shield. Another warrior frantically squeezed the ax. The third has already promptly pulled the bowstring of his bow. Another moment and the battle begins. Everyone looks at where the enemy is. Dmitry Donskoy’s gesture reinforces this. His sword is directed towards the hordes of Tatars.

Bubnov managed to capture the calm, after which a storm breaks out.

We can easily guess the background of the event that is captured. Further action is also understandable.

The artist compositionally emphasizes the solidity and solidarity of the Russian army. It seems that soldiers are sprouting straight from the ground. They cannot be moved or squeezed. But this does not mean static, as movement is felt in everything.

The army has no end, it continues somewhere outside the canvas. All warriors stand tight to each other. It creates the feeling that an avalanche is elusively moving.

The whole composition is expressive and collected. The main character of the picture is the people of Russia. The artist was able to see living people in the warriors of the past. He masterfully conveys this feeling to all viewers.

The whole picture is riddled with optimism. The artist was able to create an image of a nation that wins.

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