Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Thrush”

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Thrush”

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The painting by Jan Vermeer "Milkwoman" can not leave indifferent a connoisseur of art. On the one hand, this is an ordinary captured scene from real life. Girl pours milk into a bowl.

It would seem that this is so. But how the artist presented it on the canvas is a completely different matter. Bright colors, which are present on almost every element of a woman’s clothes, make you look at her. It is also worth noting that each item is marked by the artist. Clear contours of every detail on them, every speck on the wall allow you to better study the situation around the thrush.

The bends of her body are perfectly traced, and the artist also paid much attention to the facial expressions of a woman. You can see how she carefully pours the liquid from the jug into a bowl. If not her headdress, then one could assume that she is trying for her household. But the handmaid’s scarf says a lot. Her rolled up sleeves and an apron also emphasize her social status.

There is also baking on the table. Various forms of buns and bagels lie on a tray, which, in all likelihood, will soon be served on the table. Nearby in a basket lies a loaf of rye bread. Also on the table there is a jug of interesting work. Unlike the clay one that the thrush holds in her hand, this one is rich in patterns and has a special cover. What is in it - one can only guess. But the suspense gives different guesses. Maybe it's just butter, or maybe jam to be served with buns.

On the floor we see a brown square object. Judging by the presence of holes on its top, it is a miniature stove of those times. The question itself arises - is it really such a crumb capable of heating an entire room. Of course not. A small stove on the floor only recalls the difficult conditions in which a woman has to work.

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